Deaf Speed Skater’s Dream for 2014 Winter Olympics

May 14 10:27 2013
Michael Hubbs is a 2014 Winter Olympics hopeful. Along with the thousands of athletes that dream of winning a medal for their country, Michael is among them.

Michael Hubbs is a 2014 Winter Olympics hopeful. Along with the thousands of athletes that dream of winning a medal for their country, Michael is among them.

What makes Michael’s dream unique though is that he is Deaf. Michael wants to not only bring home the gold as a speed skater, but he is also attempting to make history by becoming the first qualified deaf athlete to compete in the Winter Olympics.
At the tender age of 16, an inline skating instructor saw in Michael a raw package worth refining into a champion. Michael was all set to move to Colorado Springs, but his father saw things differently. Michael was to remain in school in Texas. His dream was put on the shelf for six years until after completing his studies at Gallaudet University.
However, Michael realized that his heart was still on the track when his good friend, Jordan, won an Olympic medal in 2010. Upon graduation, Michael converted from wearing a gown to a cloak and has never looked back. He joined race after race and came out on top again and again. Michael qualified for the US National Speed Skating Championship in July of 2010 after a ten-year absence from the sport, and he bagged fourth place in the 1000 meters.
Legendary skater, Jim Blair, brought Michael under his wing, and they flew to Salt Lake City to train at the Utah Olympic Oval. Michael was introduced to another coach whose name was Derek Parra, a former Olympic coach and world record holder.
Together, they came up with a fundamentally sound strategy to get Michael where he needs to be going into the final stretch in preparation for the Olympic Trials that are to be held later this year. He is a sure bet for February, 2014.

Here are some of Michael’s highlights:
· In August of 2011, he won the 500 meters and shaved off four seconds from his personal best at the Desert Classic. He went on to shave thirteen seconds off his best in the 1500 meters.
· In September of 2011, Michael won the bronze in the Eastern States Championship against J.P. Kepka, an Olympian who won the bronze in 2006 Winter Olympics in Torino, Italy.
· In October of 2011, Michael won the 500 meters in the American Cup.
· In February 2012, at American Cup III. 2nd Place, 1500M Final. 3rd Place, 1500M Super-Final. 1st, 500 Meters.
· In January 2013, at Masters International Long Track Speed Skating Championship. 4 Bronzes and 3 silvers.
· In February of 2013, Michael won the gold medal for 1500 meters, a silver medal for the 500 meters, and two bronze medals in the 1000m and 3000m, respectively, in the US Age Group National Championship in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Michael is currently ranked 3rd in America for age group in 5,000 meters. He is also ranked 4th in America for 500, 1000 and 1,500 meters. Michael knows that he can’t bring home a medal at the 2014 Winter Olympics without your support. For more information, please make a donation on this fund-raising campaign with only 38 days left.–2

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