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New Christian Social Network Provides An Alternative To Facebook – Jesus Social

New Christian Social Network Provides An Alternative To Facebook – Jesus Social

October 15
16:40 2018
The new social network provides a real alternative to Facebook for people who want to connect with other Christians around the world. The faith-based community is set to become the fastest growing social networking platform since Facebook was launched.

A new social networking platform has been launched for Christians who want to connect with other religious people around the world and freely share their beliefs without judgment or Prejudice. Jesus.Social, has been described as one of the most exciting social networking platforms since Facebook was launched in 2004.


Jesus.Social has been launched to give Christians a safe and enjoyable social sharing platform where they can meet other like-minded people from their city, county, country, or from other countries. This new social network is set to change the way Christians communicate with other religious people and could become a real alternative to Facebook.

Facebook has more than 150 million users. Even though there are more than 2.18 billion Christians in the world, only a very small fraction of them use Facebook. That number continues to drop due to the hundreds of Christians who leave daily due to the way they are treated. Jesus.Social aims to give Christians a voice and allow them to reach out to other Christians without worrying about their posts being removed or being verbally abused.

Jesus.Social works in a similar way that Facebook does. The social networking platform allows members to connect with family and friends and make new friends and engage in religious conversations without worrying about their posts being removed or their accounts being blocked.

When asked why there was a need to introduce a Christian social networking platform, a spokesman for Jesus Social replied: “We wanted to provide Christians with a platform where they could connect with other religious people without worrying about being abused by other people. Our platform aims to provide people with a safe environment where they can discuss religious matters without their posts being deleted or their profiles being removed.”

To learn more about the new social networking platform and to see why it has gained so much exposure since being launched, please visit

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Jesus Social provides Christians with a safe environment to meet like-minded people and to share religious views.

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