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Efficient Ways to Convert from Gas Home Heating to Electric

Efficient Ways to Convert from Gas Home Heating to Electric

October 15
18:05 2018

Heating a home becomes a necessity in different climates. All homes are built with a system that accomplishes this. Different types of heating and cooling exist. Up until recently, most homes were equipped with two different systems in the home. The air conditioner is completely separate and runs alongside the electrical system while the heat is powered by the gas lines coming into the home. Currently there is a different way to add a heating system to the home.

This can be with a heat pump or an electric heater. This new heating conversion eliminates the need for two separate utility services into your home. If you own an older home, companies are available to complete the conversion to electric heating. For example, AirNow Cooling and Heating can complete this conversion. Electric heating can offer less maintenance, more effective service, and the comfort of only one bill. 

Less Maintenance 

Electric heating can offer many solutions. Although the older homes offer a gas heater, the system can require serious maintenance. Playing with the gas line into a home opens up a lot of possibilities for something else to go wrong. Electric heaters offer the comfort of a newer system. Also, the heater itself is usually a smaller and more compact unit. Placement in the home is easier and can even be placed in a spot that is more accessible to the homeowner. This service provides the same outcome, but with the new and more simplified system in your home, the worrying is less. 

More Effective Service 

It is always important that your heating service works great when you need it. A gas-powered heater usually provides great and effective results but heating the home in a timely manner can be an issue. Electric heat offers a more direct type of heat. This type of heat can quickly and effectively bring warmth and comfort to any home. 

One Utility Bill 

Running heat in a home with an older gas-powered heater is effective but requires the use of another utility service. Converting to or placing and electric heating system in your home can reduce the need for this service. While switching this, also consider replacing your other appliances to electric (range, water heater). An all-electric unit will reduce the two different bills and combine them into one. 

Choose to consult any local HVAC system to ask them about electric heating. Discounts are available for those who want to make the change. You can get your coupons here at the HVAC dealer.

Choosing the heating system to heat your home can be a choice. Older units are equipped with the gas heaters while the newer homes can offer an electric option. There are pros and cons to each type. Older units may require maintenance more often but are a well-known system. Exchanging your unit for a newer electric one can be scary, but there are multiple benefits. One bill and more direct and effective heating. Modernize your home today!

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