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IVM Builders Offers Stratford Residents Home Refurbishments, Kitchen Installation, and Bathroom Installation

IVM Builders Offers Stratford Residents Home Refurbishments, Kitchen Installation, and Bathroom Installation

October 15
23:25 2018
Stratford residents planning to do a construction project should hire a professional contractor. IVM Builders offer a wide variety of services like refurbishments, kitchen and bathroom installations.

Anyone wanting to do a major house renovation knows how much of a hassle it is. It disrupts the daily activity of the household, not to mention the constant noise and cleaning that’s needed to be done sometimes daily. In situations like this, what can help is hiring a highly skilled and professional contractor that can get the job done as quickly as possible without sacrificing the quality of the work. IVM Builders offers general building work, renovations, refurbishments, home extensions, property maintenance and so much more.

IVM Builders operate primarily in Stratford and surrounding areas. They are a fully accredited and insured company who can get any job done in the agreed upon time. One service they are particularly proud of is house refurbishments. When a home has greatly suffered through time and its structure and appearance are in decay, IVM Builders can step in to refurbish it to its original glory. They will restore areas of the home that have fallen behind on maintenance and replace decorations and furniture to make the house looking new again.

They also do kitchen installations and fitting. They are adept at installing any type of kitchen appliances that a house needs. They work together with the homeowner to carefully plan the layout of the kitchen to make it as efficient and safe as possible. IVM Builders knows that the home kitchen should be a place the rest of the household can relax in, somewhere they can cook, eat, or just hang out.

IVM Builders also install bathrooms. They don’t view the bathroom as just another practical space but they strive to make it comfortable for the family. IVM Builders think of bathrooms as a space people can relax and be alone with themselves. So all fittings inside should be fitted well and by a professional to ensure that no leaks develop. Leaks can cause a number of problems in the house and can promote the growth of mould.

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