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Advanced Consulting Inc Just Turned 600 Real Estate Units Into 600 Businesses The Greatest Real Estate Move In America

Advanced Consulting Inc Just Turned 600 Real Estate Units Into 600 Businesses The Greatest Real Estate Move In America

April 16
05:07 2019
Advanced Consulting Inc Just Turned 600 Real Estate Units Into 600 Businesses The Greatest Real Estate Move In America

The First Time Ever Turning Each Unit Into A Business
Creating 600 New Businesses That Will Bring Tourist From Around The World / Seeking Investors of All Sizes To Invest

Atlantic City, New Jersey – Advanced Consulting, Inc. is putting a Hotel / Resort & Business School on its well-known Boardwalk, becoming the first minority owned hotel to do so. We are seeking additional funds totaling 7 Million, from individuals, investors, celebrities, athletes, etc. to make a business investment that holds high value and strong financial returns.

Advanced Consulting Chief Executive Officer Gem Lake says it’s a very unique opportunity, the merging of a great business investment that has social and economic benefits for the entire region.

Each Of the 600 units will be business run by new business owners through our Coastal Tech Hub initiative.

With over 27 Million people a year with hotel occupancy in Atlantic City at 90% it’s a very strong market to invest in.

The plan is to open 600 new businesses, launching The Coastal Tech Hub.

Investments Options Include: 2 Retail Stores / 10 Restaurants / Beauty Salon / Private Club / Beach Bar / 600 Hotel – Condos / 9 Level Parking Garage / 170,000 Square Feet Office Space / 11 Acre Private Beach.

We have all but completed the funding and are only looking to raise an additional 7 Million.

Our structure behind the hotel gives us an additional 100,000 Sqft of separate office space launching our business school University of Greatness. This school will teach business skills, opening small businesses, incubator for technology, marketing and entertainment careers. Creating a We Work type structure in this building will build business on a new level.

Atlantic City is an incredible investment, crime has dropped 44% over the last 2 years, Moody has increased the City’s Credit Rating, over a Billion Dollars in new development over the last year, the market has made an incredible turn.

We created the 1870 brand starting with to provide an international structure that will help bring Atlantic City to the world. 1870 was the year the boardwalk was founded, we turned that history into a global brand, more 1870 brands will emerge this year.

Lake said, it’s an opportunity for everyone to invest as we build an incredible business structure with strong financial returns.

With the amount of space we own over 27 Acres, we are able to bring in a farmer’s market to an area that doesn’t have a grocery store using additional space we own that sits unused 2 blocks behind the hotel to provide quality produce and healthy living for the residents of Atlantic City including a juice bar, we will provide free juice for the first month to all residents of Atlantic City.

Advanced Consulting Inc brings a global vision to an area that had heavily relied on gaming. Lake said, “We have people as far as India that are ready to come to our Non-Gaming resort and enjoy a new chapter in Atlantic City.”

Again, we welcome investors of all sizes small and large to invest in this project, reach out today, contact info is below.

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Contact Person: Omar Sutton
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