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A New App That’s Changing the Way Users Eat Out

A New App That’s Changing the Way Users Eat Out

May 07
23:28 2019
A New App That’s Changing the Way Users Eat Out

GrabQpons announces the launch of a new app for diners looking for last-minute savings at their favorite restaurants. The app is set to become a game-changer for both diners and restaurant owners.

Eating out is enjoyable, but often expensive. For diners making last-minute dining-out decisions, GrabQpons offers an app that puts substantial real-time discounts at their fingertips. And for restaurant owners who need to fill empty tables and avoid idle staff and food waste, the app can be the difference between a lucrative night and the frustration of throwing away perfectly good food.

One-third of all food in the world goes to waste, and 15 percent comes from restaurants having to throw away surplus high quality food. Surplus food is a huge financial drain on restaurants.

“A lot of people have a misconception about what surplus food is. Surplus food is fresh, high quality food that happens to be unsold because of low demand,” says GrabQpons CEO and co-founder Babu Pinnamraju. “If you’re a customer, you expect high-quality food, and that’s what you get with a GrabQpons special, except it’s discounted. GrabQpons works exactly the same as when a restaurant runs a nightly special in order to sell specific food items, but instead of the special being advertised in-store or social media ahead of time, it’s published by the restaurant instantly and reaches customers in real time.”

“There has been a huge push to delivery in the past few years, and the idea of enticing customers back into restaurants has really resonated with restaurants who have been hurt by big delivery apps. The level of control that restaurants have with GrabQpons is also a factor that catches their attention… restaurateurs see the benefits, financial and otherwise,” he added.

For foodies, the idea of finding early bird discounts, happy hours and specials is enticing and it’s a proven way for restaurants to drive traffic. Since over 70 percent of consumers use mobile apps to find deals and nearly everyone is motivated by discounts, it’s the ideal opportunity for a restaurant to post last-minute deals to increase their local online presence. GrabQpons handles marketing campaigns for restaurants, targeting local audiences to attract new and existing customers, especially during low-demand times.

GrabQpons simplifies a restaurant’s marketing strategy. “We know how frustrating it is to manage all the marketing campaigns, cost, commissions and fees involved with different services like Groupon,, open table and grubhub, because our company is founded by restaurant owners!” says Babu, adding, “The app facilitates online reservations, live deals/specials, order management, kitchen printing, and digital marketing that makes it easier to gain exposure to local communities and foodies.”

For a limited time, GrabQpons is offering restaurants a complete free plan and one month free trial membership for most plans that offer marketing campaigns, as well as $100 credit to their membership account, as part of their small business promotion. Learn more at

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