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Guangzhou KinouWell Technology Co., Ltd Reveals Advantageous Features of its Parking Management System

Guangzhou KinouWell Technology Co., Ltd Reveals Advantageous Features of its Parking Management System

May 08
11:33 2019
Besides an advanced Parking Management System, Guangzhou KinouWell Technology Co., Ltd. also offers parking reservation lock, parking lot sensors and other products for parking facilities.

The efficient management of a parking facility is becoming more and more challenging with the growing number of vehicles available in the urban landscape. For managing parking lots, Guangzhou KinouWell Technology Co., Ltd offers a range of products and solutions. They also offer a complete system for managing a parking facility that comes with many outstanding features. The system comprises of a parking ticket dispenser and an access control system that can be installed in any parking facility.

Guangzhou KinouWell Technology Co., Ltd Reveals Advantageous Features of its Parking Management System

According to the company spokesperson, their Parking Management System offers a peaceful way of managing the movement of vehicles in a parking facility. The ticket dispenser can be installed at the entry gate of the parking lot. The dispenser can give a ticket at the press of a button. The car owner can present the ticket at the exit point, where the system will read the ticket to display the applicable parking fee. A manual cashier can be assigned the task of collecting payment from the car owner. Once the payment is made, the barrier will open to allow the vehicle to exit the parking facility. The system can be of great use for prepaid or registered parkers as well. These prepaid users can get a card, which they can use at the entry and exit points of the parking facility.

The company’s another remarkable product is the parking reservation lock that can be installed in front of a parking space to block the space for an authorized parker. The lock will go up to prevent the space from being occupied. The spokesperson states that the lock can work with mobile apps, allowing a user to check the status of a parking space from a mobile device itself. Moreover, a user can also use the app for the parking space reservation and as a parking guidance system. The lock comes with a built-in vehicle detector that helps in checking the occupancy status of a parking space in a real-time environment. The lock can also be integrated with the gateway, and one gateway can control several locks within the area of 8 sq. km. The product comes with a dual communication option, NB-IoT communication for the domestic market in China and LoRa for the international markets.

The company also offers LoRa parking lot sensor that is easy to install and which requires a low maintenance. The sensor helps in collecting information about the occupancy of the parking lot. With such type of real time data, it will be more efficient and a lot easier to manage a parking facility. Moreover, the sensor gives an instant information on overstays of a vehicle in a parking space and helps avoid infringement issues.

There are so many advanced features that the sensor can offer, and one can check all those features by visiting the website

About Guangzhou KinouWell Technology Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou KinouWell Technology Co., Ltd is a leading parking company that focuses on manufacturing smart parking facilities and providing intelligent parking solutions to clients from global markets. With strong R&D and professional traffic parking management, Guangzhou KinouWell Technology Co., Ltd continually brings innovative and effective parking solutions and products to market.

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