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VDS Hong Kong Time 12:00 on September 11, 2019 Ecological Contract Launched

VDS Hong Kong Time 12:00 on September 11, 2019 Ecological Contract Launched

September 11
16:48 2019

V-Dimension launched VDS ecological contract at 12:00 Hong Kong time on September 11, 2019. It was enthusiastically supported by communities around the world and reached an unprecedented consensus in an instant.

The VDS ecological contract will create the most influential ecological community association in the world and continue to serve the members of the global ecological community attentively. VDS will create a brand-new ecological service system in the future to realize the life value of each member of the ecological community, so that each member of the community will have more Vollar. VDS may lead an era.

About V-Dimension

V-Dimension is abbreviated as VDS. It is the culmination of a revolutionary social practice of the blockchain that VDS developer team has made over 2 years of efforts and cost nearly 20 million US dollars. It is not a single technology blockchain project, but a distributed privacy Internet based on blockchain, which integrates various research results.

VDS is a non-centralized private social network.

VDS is a decentralized free financial and commercial system.

VDS is an all-ecological monetary network in a decentralized consensus society.

The only crypto currency circulating in VDS ecosystem is: Vollar.

VDS technology: BTC bottom layer technology; ETH’s smart contract; Anonymous technology of large zero-coin; AE lightning network technology. It is a great work in the area of blockchain and has unlimited possibilities for expansion.

VDS has achieved eight ecological functions at present:

1. VID: It is the only identification in VDS ecological network.

2. VID Trust Seal: solving trust problems in interpersonal relations.

3. Resonance Trading: solving Vollar’s pricing and price balance problems.

4. OTC Superconducting Transaction: solving the liquidation problem of Vollar.

5. Anonymous trading: Solving the problem of wealth secrecy and security.

6. Anonymous chat: realizing freedom of speech, security and communication.

7. VAD Advertising: solving the problem of asymmetry in global information dissemination.

8. Chain contract: It is a unique smart contract business system in VDS.

As the world’s largest third-party payment platform, Paypal is currently able to transfer with more than 20 legal tender currencies worldwide. VDS believes that once the amount of VDS converted into legal tender is twice that of Paypal, it will become the best channel for global currency circulation, which is enough to support the business ecology of VDS.

The formation of decentralized financial ecology enables everyone to participate more actively and finally realize the transferring of all legal currencies in the world.

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