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Tried Collagen? Why Vitauthority’s 5 Type Collagen Blend is Becoming the People’s Choice

Tried Collagen? Why Vitauthority’s 5 Type Collagen Blend is Becoming the People’s Choice

September 11
21:18 2019
Vitauthority’s multi 5-type collagen blend is quickly gaining traction in the fast growing collagen niche. The company is celebrating exponential growth thanks to a high rate of returning customer’s for its Multi Collagen Protein Powder and Multi Collagen Capsules.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – September 11, 2019 – The up-and-coming health and wellness brand, Vitauthority, is quite simply leading the way in the collagen protein market with a ground-breaking range of products which solve a major problem: helping aged skin and joints look and feel youthful again (as well as preventing it in the first place)!

A main point of collagen protein supplementation is to help the skin remain elastic and firm. As we age, less and less collagen is produced which leads to a loss of that youthful glow everybody craves. Secondly, collagen supplementation has been shown to also aid in supporting joint health. By using the Vitauthority range of collagen protein supplements, customers are able to bridge this gap and feel youthful beyond their years!

While most collagen protein companies are focused on margins alone, Vitauthority have quickly propelled themselves to a top-seller in this space by putting their customers first and staying true to their values. Due to the quick improvements in skin and joint health customers are experiencing from the Vitauthority range, this has instilled incredible loyalty amongst users of the brand which has led to rapid growth from repeat customers.

Standard practice within the collagen niche is to use two types of collagen, however, Vitauthority insist on using a higher quality blend of five types of collagen which partially explains why their products are so effective. Each serving of Vitauthority’s Multi Collagen blend contains the following five types of collagen – I, II, III, IV, and X. By strategically formulating a more comprehensive collagen based protein blend for those eager to protect themselves against the aging process, Vitauthority have been able to spearhead a revolution in skincare and joint health!

To further illustrate the company’s dedication to put the customer first and only provide quality, all of the collagen is derived from non-GMO and all-natural food sources. Using four different sources of collagen, including grass-fed beef, free-range chicken, wild marine and eggshell, Vitauthority have broken new boundaries in this space. All of their products are voluntarily tested for heavy metal contaminants, mold and other harmful agents such as arsenic which, unfortunately, are sometimes found in non-tested products! It is fair to say Vitauthority have raised the bar for the collagen protein market and are experiencing exponential growth because of the customer’s admiration for quality and transparency.

Multi Collagen Peptides is the best-selling product from Vitauthority at this time. This best-seller is extremely effective and is unflavored, making it easy to add to one’s nutrition plan. For example, a delicious homemade smoothie in the morning, coffee, or any food based recipe. Alternatively, you can use the super convenient Multi Collagen Capsules or enjoy the fantastic tasting Multi Collagen Elite, which comes in chocolate brownie and vanilla ice cream flavors.

One of the Vitauthority founders provided an insight into their first 12 months since launch, describing it as “the most fulfilling journey in her life.”

“In our first 12 months we have experienced exponential growth, largely due to the fact our early adopters have referred tons of their friends. While most companies in our sector spend a lot of marketing dollars on advertising, we rely on the quality of our product giving the customer an amazing experience, which naturally makes them eager to refer us. It is a very organic process, built on the premise that if we provide the best possible collagen products people will appreciate it and willingly share their experiences. At the end of the day, results speak volumes, and every day we are receiving tons of amazing feedback from customers who love our products. This has made the journey Vitauthority has gone through the most fulfilling journey of my life!”

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