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UpService.Site Protects Business Revenues and Branding with Comprehensive Monitoring Services

UpService.Site Protects Business Revenues and Branding with Comprehensive Monitoring Services

December 03
14:16 2019
Entrepreneurs put all the hard work into building a professional-looking, well-designed, and responsive website to get tons of traffic from it. The online presence of a business helps in gaining new customers and the improvement in its sales and revenues.

A lot of businesses are now maintaining some sort of online presence, and even with large IT teams, it is infeasible to manually monitor the status of a particular website. A website should be functioning and running properly to make sales. If a website is inaccessible and does not perform well, it can tarnish the brand’s credibility and business owners could lose customers.

Why do websites go down?

There are many possible reasons for a website to experience downtime. Some of them include the following:

  • Scheduled maintenance – from time to time, every website requires scheduled maintenance. It is recommended that maintenance should happen only during off-peak hours to minimize its negative impact on a business.
  • Datacenter problems – some downtime periods can be caused by the web hosting provider itself. In such a case, uptime monitoring tools come in handy and this allows business owners to judge how reliable a web hosting provider is.
  • Spikes in traffic – another reason for a website to go down is caused by a surge of website traffic. Only a reliable hosting provider has the means to guarantee uptime in such situations and keep a site up and running.
  • Hacker attacks – hackers can bring a website down by overloading the servers distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack, stealing security credentials, injecting malicious code. Such a reason forces the website owner to shut the site off.
  • Code issues on the website – another reason for a website to become unresponsive is due to poor programming. It causes a heavy load on servers resulting in various database errors.

Other factors that could bring downtime to a website and are less common are domain name seizure, domain name expiration and takedown by law enforcement.

To minimize site downtime and to prevent the potential loss of a business, a dedicated uptime monitoring solution from companies like UpService.Site is necessary.

What is uptime monitoring?

The term uptime has long been used and it determines the amount of time a computer has been functioning without interruption. As technology improves and becomes modernized, monitoring tools are now used to empower every website and gain its much-needed edge to win over other competitors.

Uptime monitoring can also be described as the period when a website is running and available as it should be, and it is usually measured in percentages. A reliable uptime service represents 99.999% which is equivalent to a yearly downtime of fewer than 5.26 minutes.

When a website is running smoothly, it can perform its purpose to generate sales and will maintain the reputation or branding of a business to its prospective and existing customers.

Who is UpService.Site?

UpService.Site is a known website monitoring platform and is ranked top for its world-class and pro-active monitoring services. The company has a proven outstanding record in the monitoring industry and a lot of satisfied customers can attest to that as seen on their website’s testimonials page. UpService.Site’s monitoring services have helped businesses in finding its weak points, thus, eliminating downtime.

The company holds to its core values of excellence. UpService.Site cares about the revenues and branding credibility of a business, the company’s excellent and efficient uptime monitoring reduces the risk of customer dissatisfaction that can lead to the business’s financial loss.

UpService.Site considers SEO as one of the cornerstones of online marketing. A business dedicates a large portion of their marketing budget to optimize its web pages and appear relevant on search engines such as Google.

Search engines determine the high-ranking of a website through its bounce rate. If a visitor visits a website and immediately “bounces”, the search engine takes this as a signal that the website has provided a poor performance to its visitor. If such a thing happens, search engines devalue the website and it quickly tumbles down in search rankings.

Customer satisfaction is important for the success of a business. If a customer visits a website and finds it unreliable it is unlikely that they become dissatisfied.

UpService.Site’s monitoring service protects a business’s brand image as well as the data security by ensuring its clients to notify them first-hand for any period of downtime and giving them time to deal with the threat and minimize customer dissatisfaction.

Experience a world-class hosting performance by availing UpService.Site’s monitoring packages. Visit their website at to avail one. You can also place your orders through [email protected].

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