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TimberIN – Baltic SPAS & Saunas Announces Smart Pellet Stove For Outdoor Hot Tubs, An Innovative Engineering Development For Consumers

TimberIN – Baltic SPAS & Saunas Announces Smart Pellet Stove For Outdoor Hot Tubs, An Innovative Engineering Development For Consumers

December 04
20:54 2019

Kaunas, Lithuania – TimberIN Baltic SPAS & Saunas has announced a new industry innovation, the smart pellet stove for outdoor hot tubs, which promises to be a more efficient and sustainable heating method for outdoor hot tub systems. The ingenious innovation and its TimberIN adaptation come after collaboration between engineering professionals at TimberIN and Kaunas University of Technology in Lithuania.

Using logs in a conventional oven may lead to difficulty in accurately assessing how much wood is required and overshooting the required amount can potentially damage the oven and cause waste of heat and wood. The TimberIN smart oven is equipped with multiple thermosensors that accurately calculate the temperature of the water as well as the necessary fuel requirements, preventing overheating or underheating.

The smart pellet stove spa heating oven is powered by wooden pellets that can be stocked in a fitted chamber compartment in advance to produce not only more heat for less money, but more easily store logs as well. The higher fuel efficiency of this option, and its ecologic benefits by lowering smoke, ash, and carbon outputs, have proven a crucial ecological innovation. With the recycling nature of the pellet itself, pellets can be used for multiple hot tub uses and easily refilled when necessary.

“We are proud of this innovation and the opportunities it presents for spas and saunas,” remarked Dr. Albertas Klovas, CEO of TimberIN – Baltic Spas & Saunas. “The smart pellet stove for outdoor hot tubs is important for the industries and consumers looking for a new solution.”

The smart pellets are automatically moved from the chamber compartment into the combustion compartment to maintain the fire and reach the desired temperature, preventing users from having to handle the heating process themselves, rendering it safer by requiring minimal maintenance.

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TimberIN Baltic SPAS & Saunas is a leading provider of outdoor hot tubs and saunas throughout Europe. Offering the biggest selection at, join the biggest spa community in Europe using hashtag #timberin.

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