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An Interview with Daniela Malpighi about Digital Innovation Supported Brand Awareness

An Interview with Daniela Malpighi about Digital Innovation Supported Brand Awareness

December 04
17:28 2019

Daniela Malpighi aka Denny Rose shared valuable insights about how she fosters brand awareness in Italy and the globe, employing what the increasingly digitalized milieu offers – digital innovations in an interview. She talked about the target consumer-base, her flaming passion in fashion, and even shared anecdotes as to why she became known as Denny Rose and her childhood.

Talking about the brand Denny Rose has created, she says that it’s for all women from age fourteen to sixty and beyond – with ensembles that bring out the latent stylish and chic woman. The passion for fashion started early, during the time she used to dress dolls. Now, Denny Rose dresses real-life women, having undergone a formal training of the trade.

Denny Rose imparted how important it is to stay abreast with the promptness associated with finding information online, via digitalization. As a company that wants to be fully available to its client-base, Denny Rose emphasizes on the importance of keeping up with ever-changing times and ways to build businesses on; this is done by managing current digital channels with fine-tuned dexterity while still sticking to traditional media. “This means creating value, creating a network, interaction and above all, discovering new trends quickly,” says Denny Rose.

It’s agreeable to state that without a solid presence on Instagram, the visuals-based social media, companies risk being considered outmoded – the Denny Rose brand is no exception. Social media is stealing the spotlight from conventional but it’s progress. She adds, “The future is represented by the qualitative choices of the content that we are going to publish and that can create trends, collaborating with influential people able to raise the brand’s reputation with its consumption habits. Creating a network will increasingly mean creating opportunities.”

When asked about the probability of an exclusive social network focused solely on fashion, Denny Rose offers a sensible answer. Besides the difficulty of creating an exclusive social media, users who are used to find what they are looking for in jumble jungle social media is, renders such exclusivity unnecessary, she claims. 

The self-proclaimed digital diva also says, “I believe that technology can never, in any way, replace manual dexterity and inspiration deriving from a person’s mind. Robotics will certainly be a decisive aid in the corporate management of largescale production processes. It is uncertain, however, to think that creation can derive from a standardized process. Creativity is the daughter of manual skill and the latter is the talent conjugated by a person or a group of people able to imagine an idea and transform it into a product.”

Denny Rose concludes the interview with a message to young people who want to have a career in the fashion industry, “Be humble and invest in yourself. Today young people can take advantage of many opportunities in a totally free way that the web makes available. Don’t just follow the masses. Create your own identity, your reputation, your style. Take advantage of the talent by showing it to those around you, starting with social networks.”

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