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Miss Fashion Week Announcing Winners and Major Partnerships for 2020

Miss Fashion Week Announcing Winners and Major Partnerships for 2020

December 05
19:28 2019

Miss Fashion Week (MFW), a global organization that empowers women through body-positivity and self-love and also the first organization that bridges modeling competition with pageant rivaling traditional concept like Miss Universe, has announced a major collaboration with the first non-skinny Asian supermodel, Donni Zheng. Miss Fashion Week has appointed Donni Zheng as the first Goodwill Ambassador for Miss Fashion Week in 2020. 

The news was released and celebrated at the MFW grand finale on November 2nd, 2019 at the Omni Mandalay Hotel, together with 5 of the category winners: Miss Fashion Week Runway also the overall winner – Geraldyne Nak (UK), Miss Fashion Week Petite – Jennifer Paige (Florida), Miss Fashion Week Curvy – Courtney Dillow (Australia), Miss Fashion Week Teen – Lacey Shattock (Australia) and Miss Fashion Week Junior – Stefani Love (UK). During the MFW Grand Finale, MFW also appointed Miss Fashion Week International Ambassador Jacquelyn Watts and Miss Fashion Week United States Ambassador Allie Betlewicz (Florida). We have a lot of reasons to celebrate.


This collaboration recognized Zheng’s relentless work in the body-positivity movement. Donni Zheng has started a fashion revolution, redefining beauty standards based on health rather than size. This partnership has enabled and will continue to enable both parties to promote the fashion revolution and empower women globally.

Miss Fashion Week, the first organization to bridge modeling with beauty pageants, advocates for women’s self-awareness, and is committed to redefining the concept of beauty and increasing acceptance of body image by opening the runway to a more diverse array of people.

In 2019, based on Zheng’s public health studies at UCLA and Columbia University, she has brought fresh ideas to the contest by providing nutrition and mental health training for each of the contestants. This training equips women and girls with the scientific knowledge that helps them re-evaluate beauty based their natural genes, inspires them to cherish their natural look, and helps them handle body image struggles by leading a healthier lifestyle. 


So far, this health education program has influenced contestants from all over the world – from Australia, UK, Spain, the U.S.A, to Latin America. Hand in hand, MFW and Zheng are developing a global community with a long-lasting nutrition & psychological support system to support women who are struggling with body image issues, wherever they live and whenever they need.

Before starting this health program, Donni has been leading this fashion revolution for several years. As the first non-skinny Asian supermodel, Zheng has appeared on the runways of Paris Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, and LA Fashion Week and has demonstrated that “style has no size, as long as you are healthy, fit, and confident.” She also co-produced a digital media program with Chinese national television, which has united multi-ethnic designers and fashion influencers to advocate for sustainable fashion and body positivity. With a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle, we should cherish what our genes have bring to us: everyone should love their natural selves and be confident about their health and image, rather than push ourselves to conform to the extremely tall and thin. Just as Donni maintains, “Style has no size, as long as you are healthy, fit, and confident.”


• Miss Fashion Week is a platform that empowers women through body positivity and self-love.

• Miss Fashion Week is first organization that bridges modeling competition with pageant. We are in the heart of fashion and beauty space working on re-defining beauty.

• Miss Fashion Week is started by her for her.

• Miss Fashion Week is the only platform that truly embraces diversity. We have variety of categories including junior, teen, petite, curvy, runway and international

• Miss Fashion Week’s mission is to raise generations of strong daughters.

#YouAreEnough is a campaign initiated by Miss Fashion Week to encourage women of all ages to embrace themselves for who they are and boost their self-esteem and self-confidence.

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