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Port Canaveral Aquarium to introduce world’s First moveable underwater hotel

Port Canaveral Aquarium to introduce world’s First moveable underwater hotel

January 22
07:12 2020
A Port Canaveral-based commercial aquarium will gift USA world’s FIRST moveable underwater luxury yet affordable hotel.

Port Canaveral, Florida – January 22, 2020 – How would it be like to wake up to playful dolphins and vibrant coral reefs on your vacation? Sounds surreal, isn’t it? Well, a Port Canaveral-based commercial aquarium is soon to launch world’s FIRST moveable underwater hotel in the USA and that too at rates to fit the common traveler. It’s the world’s ONLY commercial aquarium where you will look out from inside and not look in from outside. The hotel will also include an underwater restaurant. 

The moveable underwater hotel project is an initiative by Cape Canaveral-based Planet Ocean Underwater Hotels, LLC. Planet Ocean will be introducing world’s FIRST USPTO Patent Design plush underwater hotels but without the luxury rates. The hotel will be equipped with 12 guest rooms, dual elevators, lounge/dining area and a wealth of other cool features. 

So, how would it be like to visit and stay at the Planet Ocean state-of-the-art underwater hotel as a guest? 

“We have got glass elevators that will transport our guests directly from land surface to our submerged accommodations. There will be a concierge to escort you and there is no need of swimming or scuba diving to enter our hotel. Upon entering, our guests will stay in our beautifully furnished luxe private underwater guest rooms. All our rooms are backed by modern amenities like private bath, refrigerator, internet connectivity, audio-visual entertainment, king-sized bed and so on. And you will get all these amazing luxuries at rates to fit your budget. It’s going to be like a dream-come-true for every guest who will visit here”, stated a leading spokesperson from Planet Ocean.

The underwater hotel rooms will feature crystal clear acrylic wall and ceiling view panels that will offer a truly immersive experience of the ocean life for the guests. 

“Our rooms will offer you awe-inspiring multidimensional specter of underwater landscapes and aquatic life as you relax in plush love seats with your special someone. You will enjoy the play of surface light under water thanks to transparent acrylic walls and view panel on ceiling. You will also relish the intriguing interplay of light and shadows underwater as the moon and sun move across the sky. It’s going to be an unforgettable getaway from the hustle bustle of your daily life that will reward you with a bunch of lovely memories to cherish forever.”

The underwater hotels will also feature a moon pool where guests can go for scuba diving. 

While asked about the safety, the spokesperson assured triple redundancy safety and full-time operational security support in a 5-star luxury all-inclusive environment. Planet Ocean has guaranteed 360-degree perimeter underwater intrusion security protection. 

“We will have our ex-military trained crew to keep our guests safe always.”

Planet Ocean is also the first hospitality organization to fund and execute a global proven coral reef restoration program and aquaculture solutions to save the ocean world from destruction. The company will invest 10 percent of proceeds from guest rooms in coral reef restoration. 

There are exclusive VIP deals and free stay programs to be offered by Planet Ocean for the underwater hotel.

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