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Algo Trading Is Moving To The Cloud

Algo Trading Is Moving To The Cloud

March 31
23:57 2020
A new startup is taking aim at Wall St. by launching the world’s first cloud infrastructure, platform, and software-as-a-service for quants and programmatic traders.

LONDON, UK – Mar 31, 2020 – Tradologics, a young startup, is hoping to change the trading landscape by launching the first-ever cloud infrastructure, platform, and software-as-a-service for quants and programmatic traders.

Programmatic trading — a term that encompasses algorithmic, automated, rule-based, systematic, and quantitative trading — is taking over. The $300bn industry is expected to have a healthy growth over the next few years. However, the next generation of traders won’t be coming from Wall Street or the City of London, but rather from all over the world.

Tradologics’ “Trading Cloud” aims to eliminate the technical complexities traders are facing today, by allowing them to focus only on their strategies’ trading logic – without worrying about stuff like broker connectivity, data management, or infrastructure.

Ran Aroussi, Tradologics’ founder, calls this “Frictionless Trading”. As a computer programmer and algorithmic trader who created several popular open-source tools for traders, Ran is familiar with the pains programmatic traders are experiencing.

“Our Trading Cloud will finally let traders focus their core objective – generating trading signals – by letting technology manage the complex aspects in the background. This is the platform I wish I had when I got started,” he adds.

Tradologics, which is currently in private beta and available by invite only, is set to launch its platform later this year. You can find a detailed overview of the platform at While you’re there, be sure to join the waitlist to get early access to the platform. 

For more information, please contact Ran Aroussi at +44 7520 633608 or [email protected]

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