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Holloway launches a comprehensive guide to building and managing teams working remotely – improve the working method, even when staying apart

Holloway launches a comprehensive guide to building and managing teams working remotely – improve the working method, even when staying apart

June 02
00:45 2020
Adapt to remote work and accomplish daily tasks at home!

San Francisco, CA, USA – Holloway brings the most reliable source on the internet about how to face challenges in a work environment. The guides are practical and actionable that can be put to use immediately. The guides offer detailed instructions and can range from 200-300+ pages, but they are guaranteed to be reliable, unlike most sources, which one can’t know whether the source is reliable and authentic or not. In the midst of a global pandemic, in the form of COVID-19, people can’t go out in the offices, and they are urged to work from home, so to improve the remote work, Holloway has brought forward a 300+ pages guide that has been created by the industry professionals, who have extensive experience in the field.

Holloway was created to assemble and publish reliable knowledge by the experts who know accurately about their line of work. The way this works is if an author is working on a book or a manuscript, they contact Holloway, the company then reviews the work and publishes the book if it is up to the standards and if the readers may benefit from it. This way, authors benefit from selling their books organically and the readers are assured to get an authentic read from experts of the industry.

Some managers, when they got to know that they would be managing their teams from home, became anxious that they would not be able to assemble their team members into working together and the company may suffer from serious loss. Or in some cases, the company has to hire someone from a different country or from a different time-zone. Then the next questions that arise are what tools to use, how to use them, what are some tips and tricks into better remote management. To solve all these important issues, Holloway brings forward a complete solution, in the form of a guide into managing teams working remotely. The guide offers a quick and easy solution, not to mention, a solution that is up to the industry standards, written by the experts.

The guide is easy to follow and broken down into easily readable and applicable chapters, including introduction, some myths about working in a remote environment, then giving a valuable solution for them. There are also some details on dealing with the employees, like how to hire someone and integrating them with the rest of the team and managing remote meetings.

The lead authors of the guide are Juan Pablo Buriticá and Katie Womersley, who lead large distributed engineering teams. They work in a fast-paced environment where the employees are distributed over many different places and the managers have to keep them working together. The fact that their businesses are blooming is proof that this guide can be very effective. For all those managers out there worrying about leading a remote team, this is the golden opportunity.

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