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Choosing The Right Merchant Cash Advance Service In Canada

Choosing The Right Merchant Cash Advance Service In Canada

February 27
16:01 2017

Quebec, Canada – Based in Canada, Merchant Lenders is a cash advance company whose objective is to help owners of small and medium sized businesses grow their organizations. With their finance options, small business owners can apply to have their funding needs to be met so they can stop worrying about making payroll, stock inventory or expanding into that new location and get on with running their business.

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“In Canada, Banks decline loans 78% of the time and require 32 articles of information,” said Ryan Sgrignuoli, the spokesperson for Merchant Lenders. “We approve 90% of the cash advances applied and only need five articles of information. On the other hand bank loans restrict future loans by having extremely long loan repayments, only after a few years can the merchant borrow more. With us, they can take more money every four months. In a five-year period, a bank can offer 40,000 by using collateral while in that same period of time we can offer 400K with no collateral. And even though the lines of credit in Canada have a low percentage and charge 5% monthly, we at Merchant Lenders are much cheaper.”

Small businesses are the heart of the Canadian economy and responsible for huge numbers of jobs around the country. Given the huge contribution of small business owners to job creation and the country’s well-being, it’s incredible how much the odds are stacked against them in terms of funding. Every business needs money to make money, but most get denied bank loans and others pay loan brokers through the nose. Merchant Lenders want to help business owners safeguard those jobs and create even more. They operate in the interests of local business and transparency isn’t just a buzzword for them; it’s a founding principle that is quite evident in their communication on their social media pages like Facebook. As well as helping to grow local businesses they are dedicated to growing their team because they know that means greater stability for their clients and the opportunity to help even more people contribute to society and the economy.

They are trusted and used by over 15,000 merchants for having a process that takes out the middle man and makes getting a loan easier. Unlike banks, Merchant Lenders,, use a different philosophy in lending money. Their goal is to help businesses. Plus, all of their lendings is done internally, giving applicants same day or next day approval. Their task is bigger than one single person or one single company, and they’re always focused on the next step without leaving anyone behind. Contact them with any of the below-published information to get more details about their services.

Merchant Lenders is located in Montreal, Quebec.

The company can be contacted via phone at 1-877-682-0459 or at their website:

Media Contact
Company Name: Merchant Lenders
Contact Person: Ryan Sgrignuoli
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 1-877-682-0459
City: Montreal
State: Quebec
Country: Canada

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