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A New Book Challenges That All Suffering Is Self Created And Invents A New Possibility That We All Can Live Life Without Suffering.

A New Book Challenges That All Suffering Is Self Created And Invents A New Possibility That We All Can Live Life Without Suffering.

April 03
18:31 2017

3 Apr, 2017 – Best selling and prolific author, [SN1]  Sam S. Nath proudly announces the launch of his new book, Paradox – “Fear”: A Fiction of the mind. The book brings a fresh insight into the subject of the power of the mind. The author’s insight and experience speak volume in the book  on how to turn fear into a motivating factor. Most people live a life defined by their fear and perception, and not by their potential and talents. They fail to realize that they can achieve so much in life if they shift their focus to their strength and not their “fear”.

The book is written by a purpose that all people are empowered to live a life free from fear and suffering.  Fear is a feeling induced by the perceived danger or threat that occurs in certain types of organisms, which causes a change in metabolic and organ functions and ultimately a change in behavior, such as fleeing, fighting, or freezing from perceived traumatic events. More than often, fears are created by people while they fail to control their perceptions. As explained in the book, having the right perception can help shape one’s life, converting fears into fuel to succeed in life.

“I am glad my new book  has a potential  to help people escape their fear trap and live  life of no regrets. Too many people are being limited  by their fears, they make daily decisions by what they fear and not living their true potentials. There is no better way to live a life with regrets than a life free from fear and suffering..” says the author.

He says further, “Paradox, Fear: The Fiction of the mind, is a book with deep insights. Clearly written in easy to understand language, it is a life reforming book that everyone must have. Fear is a common thing and we all have struggled with it at a point in our lives. But for most they have allowed their fears to limit their life, and be the boss while  they, the slave. My new book helps you take action in spite your fear. You will remember that you have unlimited  potential. your awareness can far outweigh all your fears  and limiting beliefs.”

The book, Paradox-Fear: The fiction Of the Mind helps people understand the immense possibility in living a life of no regrets.  It is not about concepts but about expediting the truth that  they do not have to  be limited by fear of failure and rejection.

The book asserts that it’s possible to not have a fear of rejection and fear of failure as these are self created.  While the world has outcomes, only one mind relates to them as success or failures.

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