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Learn how to Find, Fund, Fix, Flip and Hold Real Estate for Long-Term Wealth

Learn how to Find, Fund, Fix, Flip and Hold Real Estate for Long-Term Wealth

May 19
14:35 2017

Glenn and Amber Schworm are expert real estate investors now coaching others how to successfully flip houses.
VestorPro is a real estate coaching and development firm that brings a wealth of knowledge with a touch of humor to their presentations. They want to show others how to be financially independent by making the right investments.

Schenectady, NY – Real estate flipping has become one of the more popular ways of investing and growing wealth. Cable programs like HGTV’s “Flip or Flop” have helped to excite people about this investment trend and encourage entrepreneurs. Successful real estate flippers can make more in a single sale than most people will earn in an entire year of working for someone else. VestorPRO founders, Glenn and Amber Schworm, are a husband and wife team with hundreds of successful real estate flips behind them. They want to show others how to have a financially successful and fun career flipping houses.

“My wife and I started flipping houses to make some quick cash,” says Glenn Schworm. “We were lucky in the beginning. We managed to buy and sell a few houses that year and really enjoyed ourselves in the process. This started ten years ago and we’re still in the game, and still enjoying it. We realized we’re doing something right and we could be sharing our approach with others.”

For almost a decade, the Schworm’s have been improving neighborhoods and making home ownership possible for countless New Yorkers. Their company Signature Home Buyers has been responsible for helping people all over the state to get out of debt by putting cash in their hands for houses they no longer want or can afford.  Their successful house flipping strategies have made them a trusted name in their region. The information and methodology they have used to remain in the Real Estate Investment business has now been pulled together and curated into a coaching and education program they call: VestorPRO.

VestorPRO provides the systems, tools, and coaching to get new investors started, as well as, help existing real estate investor businesses grow. They believe that they bring unique value to the table with their coaching program because they are sharing the mindset of successful real estate investors, as well as, critical house flipping information. Glenn and Amber believe that it is fear of failure and the unknowns of flipping that stops people from realizing their dreams, and that VestorPRO may have the solution.

“We’ve done this for years and have been through it all,” says Schworm. “We know the ups and downs. I know that people can buy a book on this topic anywhere. What they can’t buy anywhere is the one-on-one time or the support when something goes wrong. Our clients can ask me personally, ‘What did you do when this happened?’ I will have a response for that. We’re teaching people how to flip houses, without flipping out.”

Seldom does a flip go off without a hitch, the husband and wife team is often quick to remind people. Access to experts, the duo believes, is the missing ingredient to most real estate investment programs. Most people realize that books and Internet articles only go so far. Highly successful people work with coaches because coaches are able to help them stay accountable and provide critical knowledge to bear when troubles arise.  VestorPRO offers clients a beginning to end experience.

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