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AI is now up in the sky with drone.

AI is now up in the sky with drone.

September 07
03:18 2017

New Jersey – September 6, 2017 – In 2007, the world became accustomed to the way in which the screen was touched by the appearance of the smartphone. In the past, it replaced the method of inputting characters by pressing a button. Recently, voice command method is showing a tendency to replace touch quickly.

As AI technology rapidly develops, IT devices are getting to know and respond to people’s words. Now, there is an era in which voice commands can be used to control smart phones, PCs, speakers, and even vehicles without touching the screen.

AI technology also can change the paradigm of Flight.

You can find the World’s First AI Drone on Indiegogo. This is the drone ‘ORCA’ that FLiFLi presents as a new concept of drone.

Spokesperson of FLiFLi Said” I am a one of the drone user who enjoys flying drones as a hobby, but at first it was fun to just shoot the drones in the sky but as time went on, it seemed so boring. So, I was thinking What if a hobby that gives pleasure to everyday life can also be commanded by voice using AI? “  

This highly intelligent ORCA is successfully operated by an Auto-Pilot System that was designed to obey each one of your commands. It will recognize and understand y our voice and execute the actions that you wish. All you have to do is command ORCA to fly to different destination, increase or decrease altitude or come back to your location and it will instantly.  

These are the features of ‘ORCA’


  • Voice command (AI) : can control ORCA with user’s voice command
  • Head up Display (HUD): 3-sided, interactive HUD with a 360-degree AR Screen that shows every information you need to know about ORCA.
  • 360 camera: Enjoy the 360 degree-view with VR
  • Live Streaming: offer its captured content on-demand through a streaming server cluster that will allow you to watch or share this amazing experience.
  • Stereo Vision Camera: Forward and Downward obstacle sensors combine with advanced computer vision and process the Obstacle Avoidance that reacts and detects the obstacles in its path.

FLiFLi will launch the ‘ORCA’ on Indiegogo page on Thursday, September 7

If you want to see more interesting features about ORCA, please go to INDIEGOGO PAGE.

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