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Mama Strut Postpartum Support System named a finalist for the 2017 What To Expect Mom Must-Have Award

Mama Strut Postpartum Support System named a finalist for the 2017 What To Expect Mom Must-Have Award

October 05
12:57 2017
PELV-ICE’S debut product, the Mama Strut™ makes the final list of contenders for the 2017 edition of the prestigious What To Expect Mom Must-Have Award

Mama Strut postpartum support system, PELV-ICE’S debut product, has made the list of finalist at the 2017 What To Expect Mom Must-Have Award out of a total of 6,000 entries. Mama Strut being named as part of the finalists only reiterates the quality of the product and why every mother should have it.

 Mama Strut was developed to provide support and  cryotherapy to manage pain, swelling of bleeding postpartum. The need for a postpartum revolution is immediate considering the inadequacy of postpartum care in the United States. Studies have also reveal that more than 90 percent of women who give birth vaginally will suffer a soft tissue tear. It has also been revealed that 85 percent of postpartum pain goes un-managed. Mama Strut was therefore created not just to start a revolution, but to also raise the awareness of postpartum pain goes un-managed.

The goal behind creating Mama Strut which is to provide the proper care to over 130 million women giving birth not only in the United States but across the globe has been recognized by organizers of the 2017 What to Expect Award.

Mama Strut was specifically designed for postpartum care, with their beliefs that new mamas are no different than athletes recovering from an injury post competition.  The name “strut” has two meanings, as “strut” is an engineering device that resists pressure and it also means to walk with a proud gait.

Mama Strut is a wearable soft brace uniquely designed to deliver heat/ice therapy. This helps to reduce swelling and cramping from vaginal deliveries, birth pain, c-sections and vaginal prolapse. Mama Strut also supports the back and abdomen with multi-directional adjustable compression. The product ensures that moms-to-be get the best physical support after childbirth.

The product has subsequently been recommended by physicians for post pelvic surgery, chronic pelvic pain and other acute pelvic injury management. PELV-ICE will soon launch a unisex line under the name PELV-ICE to market to the over 12 million people (USA) a year that will benefit from PELV-ICE.

Mama Strut is in the final stages of the competition and will be needing votes from mothers and persons that want to be a part of the postpartum revolution; please vote here

About Mama Strut

Mama Strut is a product of medical device start-up, PELV-ICE. The product is designed to be the ultimate postpartum solution for mothers after childbirth. PELV-ICE was founded by Jill Bigelow, mama of 3 to help mamas globally have their best postpartum. Launched in 2014, the start-up currently holds a utility patent in 37 countries and trademarks in over 40 countries.

The recent inclusion of its debut product, the Mama Strut, in the list of finalists for the 2017 What To Expect Mom Must-Have Award reiterates the quality of the work from PELV-ICE.

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