China-Hifi-Audio Presents Tube Amplifier related New Products For The New Year

January 20 05:06 2018
With new products like Mingda tube amplifier, XIANGSHENG DA-05B USB DAC and XIANGSHENG 728A tube preamp, the company allows customers to add more fun and usability to their life.

With its commitment to keep offering new and exciting ways of listening to music, China-Hifi-Audio now brings a few significant devices for their customers. These new products come with improved features that can allow users to enjoy music with more fun and quality.

The company spokesperson reveals that this year they are going to introduce a few more new products, including this Mingda tube amplifier, which is 100% brand new hi-fi pre-amplifier. With seven times better frequency response, the amplifier can enhance the music listening experience of any user. The spokesperson maintains that it offers an improved signal to noise ratio, so that one can enjoy music in any environment, without any interference of noise. The device is fitted with the made in the UK amplification transformers to help deliver output with a limited distortion factor.

China-Hifi-Audio Presents New Products related Tube Amplifier For The New Year

One of their new products is the XIANGSHENG DA-05B USB DAC,  which comes with more power to deliver nicer sound for every music listener. Available at an affordable price, the product has a net weight of 4kg and is available with different colors of black front panel and silver front panel. The device can run on different voltages from 100V to 240V, and one can choose with either R-core transformer or Toroidal Transformer. The spokesperson reveals that they have upgraded the R-core transformer so that the device has the sufficient power to deliver more enjoyable music for users.

China-Hifi-Audio has also brought the XIANGSHENG 728A tube preamp, which is an upgraded version preamplifier with an elegant appearance and extraordinary taste. According to the spokesperson, very few of these preamplifiers are now left in their stock and the product is selling like a hot cake for its improved features. The feature additions include the clean and beautiful interior layout with a circuit board. The front panel has been added with thick aluminum alloy plating and the blue power indicator tube.

To know more about this preamplifier and other new products added by the company, one can visit their website

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