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Sibcoin, the new cryptocurrency from Siberia is here to become the next big digital currency worldwide

Sibcoin, the new cryptocurrency from Siberia is here to become the next big digital currency worldwide

May 08
15:00 2018

Sibcoin network was launched in 2015 and since then it has garnered the attention of several investors worldwide, while establishing itself well in the Italian, Spanish and Balkan region communities. Developed in Siberia, this coin is here to explore the vast opportunities that have been opened in the world economy since the inception of the first digital currency Bitcoin. Based on the highly secure Dash blockchain, Sibcoin ensures high network decentralization and profitable mining. Apart from being a tradable coin, it is accompanied with many online services, mobile apps and partnership programs making it the potentially next major cryptocurrency for people.

Sibcoin’s mission is to make the blockchain paradigm accessible to the general public and make cryptocurrency usable in daily routines. Despite being originated from Siberia, it has consolidated a vast fraction of the crypto community from Eastern Europe and Russia as well as Asia and America and continues to spread its reach worldwide. Sibcoin enables people to send and receive money worldwide and offers unmatched speed for receiving instant payments through InstantX. It also charges low or no commissions as compared to banks or credit cards. The growth and development of Sibcoin cryptocurrency is ensured by Sibcoin Foundation, a non-commercial cryptofund created by the Sibcoin community.

Sibcoin features advanced encryption and a 2-tier network for complete security while the using the Darksend protocol, it allows the users to keep all their payments completely private. Much like other cryptocurrencies, Sibcoin also enables peer-to-peer transactions with no interference from intermediaries like government or banks. The team behind Sibcoin has used the Dash Blockchain with a few improvements such as the introduction of a reinforced hashing algorithm Streeborg to make the coin ASIC-resistant and to ensure the decentralized ecosystem. The use of X-layer makes the platform more interactive without compromising on its security. X-layer is basically a platform based on Coinprism protocol, which allows for issuing and supporting custom-made digital assets.

Cryptocurrency was invented to overcome the shortcomings of the existing financial system while the blockchain technology brings the control back to the hands of the user. Sibcoin believed in the same and created an ecosystem which provides everyone a fair chance in a free economy. Its ultimate mission is not only to provide the people with a financial instrument that would facilitate the transfer of value over the internet in a trustless environment but to introduce cryptocurrency to a broader public, decentralized autonomous organizations and blockchain philosophy in general.

Sibcoin was initially circulated only in Siberia but soon emerged as the first cryptocurrency to cater to the needs of the Russian-speaking community. It aims not only to compete with national currencies but contribute to establishing a decentralized economy worldwide for faster, secure and more efficient financial system. Sibcoin’s strategy for 2018 includes entering 20+ countries, establishing and growing in regional communities as well as partnering with local and international ICOs and businesses. More information about Sibcoin can be found at

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