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EuroHomeDirect Smart Glass & Film assures energy-efficient and safer homes as well as “smart” office environments

EuroHomeDirect Smart Glass & Film assures energy-efficient and safer homes as well as “smart” office environments

August 01
23:56 2018
EuroHomeDirect Smart Switchable Glass & Smart Film are designed to ensure more security and better energy efficiency at home and work without compromising on daylight penetration with just one tap of a switch.

August 1, 2018 – Great news for homeowners looking for more privacy at home and more comfortable indoor ambience. Leading international home renovation resource EuroHomeDirect has recently launched state of the art Smart Switchable Glass & Smart Film that assures more energy efficient and safer homes with instant privacy at a touch of a button.

“We all are gearing up for ‘smarter’ and more connected homes today where appliances can be controlled from our everywhere to make life easier and more resource efficient. Our new EHD Smart Switchable Glass & Film are launched in line with the same ethos to ensure a cutting edge 21st century home for you. Our Smart Glass assures discretion in just seconds with just one tap on switch and immediately guards from prying eyes. Moreover, it also assures high energy efficiency and more comfortable indoor climate to help you create the ultimate inviting haven”, stated a leading spokesperson from EuroHomeDirect. 

The EHD Smart Switchable Glass is operated through an On/Off mode switch and a simple tap on the switch takes the glass from transparent to translucent and vice versa. In the “On” or “Transparent” mode, electric current passes through the PDLC interlayer on the glass that lines up micro crystals along parallel axes to offer unhindered vision and easy daylight penetration. In the “Off” or “Translucent” mode, no electric current is applied which turns the glass into an opaque electronic blind to ensure privacy & security for the home – yet without compromising on daylight penetration. It will also work to create a spacious aura for smaller rooms like bathrooms.  

Added to solid privacy, the EHD smart glass can reduce sunlight & UV rays by 98% during scorching months to ensure a more comfortable indoor ambience and also reduced energy bills. The smart glass comes sandwiched between two advanced tempered glass panels with an almost unrivaled 12mm glass thickness.

Home and office users can install the Smart Glass panels both outdoors and indoors for windows, doors, meeting room partitions, projection screens and more. The panels are custom made to order for perfect fitment with a maximum single panel size of 1.9 x 4.3 metres. Multiple panels can be joined to create large glass walls & partitions. Apart from homes and offices, the EHD smart glass can also be used in retail shops or museum display windows. 

“We promise you excellent durability with our innovative EHD Smart Glass installations. We have taken our product through 70,000 hours of successful non-stop testing and it assures the same high longevity of a conventional glass product.”

The EHD Smart Film is a self-adhesive film that uses same technology as Smart Glass. But unlike Smart Glass, the Smart Film can be applied as a layer on existing and new glass panels. So Smart Film is the perfect solution if you want to achieve the same results as Smart Glass without replacing existing glass panels.

About EuroHomeDirect- EuroHomeDirect is a renowned international e-commerce portal for comprehensive home renovation needs. The company offers high quality luxury home renovation products from leading European brands at competitive rates worldwide. 

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